Space 2 Launch    

Hey Readers! Space 2 Launch’s Book Club had a unBEElievable event on Thursday, April 20th at Piccadilly’s in Hollywood, Florida. Daphney Maurisseau-Carter of I Can Be Foundation, Inc. was the fabulous guest author reading her book, “I Am A Doctor.”  

          At our expected start time, 6:00 p.m. children and their parents began to come in. Parents were asked to sign in and complete a kids menu. I thought that was creative and very time efficient. It was as if the children were at a luncheon with reserved tables that were numbered. As the children’s parents signed in they were able to complete  Arts & Crafts hosted by Ms. Toni.       



The Arts & Crafts choices included friendship bracelets, key chains or color bookmarks. All of the children enjoyed the artsy experience, but  it was time to devour the food. It was interesting looking at even one of the youngest dine and chat with others at her table. The children didn’t enjoy the food too much and they said their orders were mixed up.

As the chatter began to get loud, Tasheba began to settle the children down in preparation for “TAKE-OFF!”  Daphney Maurisseau BLASTED in and took charge of the cadets and her trusty mascot, BEElieve came in right behind. I believe the children were in awe because mouths dropped and eyes became wide.  

Maurisseau introduced herself to the children and gave instructions to a little challenge.  She explained that  BEElieve appears  in the book three times and whoever raises their hand first all three times, will win a prize. All of the children get really excited and wants her to get started. BEElieve is spotted and all hands go up! It was hilarious to everyone. The second time there’s only one who does it quick enough and the last time everyone’s hands go up quickly again. She decided, everyone will get a book mark, but the child from round two receives the special prize which was a signed copy of her book. As she was reading, she briefly talked about each doctor to the children. At the end everyone discussed the type of doctors they would become.

The event ends with a raffle and the winners received a prize from Space 2 Launch and from Daphney Maurisseau– Carter. Pictures were taken with the authors and BEElieve.

As everyone starts to leave, as if they didn’t have enough, everyone was treated again with amazing sweet treats from KP Sweet Treats-Orange and blue covered Oreos!

Everyone REALLY enjoyed the event and talked about coming. If you missed this book club meeting, you missed something because it was…Out This World!  We’ll be back next month on May 18th-same time 6:00 p.m. ad same place – Piccadilly’s Hollywood.  

Written by Kid Blogger Joh’Rissa McBurnie