On January 28th, 2017 my team and I launched the very first Space 2 Launch initiative for young authors at the African American Research Library & Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale. Over 50 students and parents registered to attend the event where they had the opportunity to engage with local award winning authors Tasheba Berry-McLaren, Dr. Deon Davis, and Dr. Christopher Gates. Our attendees listened to stories and engaged in activities that encouraged individual creativity.

This movement has been important to me since I was in the third grade, because I know when we empower children  to lead we revolutionize the way they see themselves.

This vote of confidence and empowerment has a direct affect on the things a child believes he or she is capable of doing. Children have more to say than you may know and I am looking forward to encouraging their imagination in 2017 with our book club coming in March 2017. There is power in a child’s voice when you give them the power to write. Encouraging children to show up in the world as their most powerful self changes the world as we know it!