Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017
Location: African American Research Library and Cultural Center
Time: 2:00 PM Р4:00 PM

About Our Participants:
We expect 50-60 families to be in attendance from the Broward County area.

What To Expect:
Our students will engage with male and female authors, enjoy LIVE readings from each author, and engage in fun and educational activities that inspire authorship from each author. Each student will receive their very own author kit so they can continue writing the book in their heart at home.

About Our Special Guests & Visionary:

Tasheba Berry-McLaren Visionary & Author of Space Station Elementary

Not¬†to¬†long¬†ago,¬†Tasheba¬†walked¬†into¬†a¬†classroom¬†to¬†read¬†her book,¬†Space¬†Station¬†Elementary¬†to¬†an¬†eager¬†group¬†of¬†students.The¬†teacher¬†excitedly¬†announced,¬†“Okay¬†kids,¬†our¬†author¬†is here!”¬†

Tasheba¬†remembers¬†the¬†excitement¬†and¬†amazement¬†from¬†one little¬†girl¬†in¬†the¬†class.¬†She¬†yelled¬†out,¬†“She’s¬†the¬†author…¬†and she’s¬†a¬†girl?”¬†This¬†is¬†Tasheba’s¬†motivation¬†and¬†inspiration¬†to reach¬†1000¬†students¬†with¬†1000¬†books¬†in¬†2017.¬†

Tasheba¬†BerryMcLaren¬†is¬†the¬†author¬†of¬†Space¬†StationElementary,¬†owner¬†of¬†Next¬†2¬†Mom¬†Learning¬†Center,¬†President of Broward County Family Child Care Association and a Keynote Speaker and Trainer to local and national organizations such as the Early Learning Coalition of Broward County, Family Central, and Florida Family Child Care Home Association. She is an avid chess player, who models her life and her businesses after the game of chess. She was inspired to write Space Station Elementary by her kids and students. It was her mission to instill the idea that there is always a “next level” that you can reach.

Deon Davis – Author of Beanie and the Bully

Beanie¬†and¬†The¬†Bully¬†(¬†The¬†New¬†Kid)¬†is¬†a¬†fiction¬†children’s¬†book written¬†and¬†illustrated¬†to¬†educate¬†our¬†youth¬†on¬†the¬†causes,effects,¬†and¬†consequences¬†of¬†bullying.¬†Educating¬†and¬†informing our¬†children¬†about¬†bullying¬†in¬†the¬†early¬†childhood¬†stages¬†can prevent¬†bullying¬†at¬†an¬†alarming¬†rate,¬†which¬†results¬†in¬†safer schools¬†and¬†communities¬†for¬†our¬†children.

Christopher Gates – Author of Goodbye Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the year of many firsts, as children learn the alphabets, numbers, and discover new friends.
Goodbye Kindergarten begins with a charming poem thatcelebrates children’s achievements and experiences duringtheir fi rst magical year of education. This book captureschildren’s achievements by tapping into their incredibleimaginations, and placing the power of creativity in their hands.Goodbye Kindergarten is bound to be a cherished keepsake forevery kindergarten.