I am so excited that you too have an interest in exposing students not only to authors, but in becoming young authors.

Not to long ago, I walked into a classroom to read my book, Space Station Elementary to an eager group of students.

The¬†teacher¬†excitedly¬†announced,”Okay¬†kids,¬†our¬†author¬†is here!”

I will never forget one excited little girl who yelled out in amazement,

“She’s The Author… ¬† And She’s A Girl?”

 She is part of my inspiration to inspire 1000 students with 1000 books in 2017.

¬†It’s¬†time¬†we¬†take our¬†students¬†to¬†the¬†next¬†level¬†of¬†success, ¬†creating¬†a¬†pathway¬†to¬†dream¬†big¬†at¬†any¬†age.

Join me in 2017 for a year of reading, meeting authors from around the world,  

and teaching your child or student that authorship is possible at any age. 

Let’s find your space to launch together.

‚ÄčJoin The Movement!


April unBEEEleivable Event

Hey Readers! Space 2 Launch‚Äôs Book Club had a unBEElievable event on Thursday, April 20th at Piccadilly‚Äôs in Hollywood, Florida. Daphney Maurisseau-Carter of I Can Be Foundation, Inc. was the fabulous guest author reading her book, ‚ÄúI Am A Doctor.‚ÄĚ

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It’s Official

We Have Special News this Month Space 2 Launch is now an official 501 (c) 3 organization. We are so thankful for all the support from the community and will be announcing our board members soon. Stay tuned for more...

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The Book Club Begins

The Space 2 Launch Book Club is a monthly meet up for young writers and readers ages 4-12. We hope to expand this age group very soon! We are a book loving group for children ages 4-12. We gather together to eat great food, read new books, write a little bit more of...

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Space 2 Launch Is Here

On January 28th, 2017 my team and I launched the very first Space 2 Launch initiative for young authors at the African American Research Library & Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale. Over 50 students and parents registered to attend the event where they had the...

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Dr. Deon Davis Joins The Movement

                                Deon Davis                                       Author of Beanie and the Bully. Beanie and The Bully ( The New Kid) is a fiction children's book written and illustrated to educate our youth on the causes, effects, and consequences of...

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Dr. Christopher Gates to be part of 2017 Space 2 Launch

Christopher Gates is the author of  "Goodbye Kindergarten" Goodbye Kindergarten is the year of many firsts, as children learn the alphabets, numbers, and discover new friends. ...

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The Young Author Movement Begins!

 DESCRIPTION Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017Location: African American Research Library and Cultural CenterTime: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PMAbout Our Participants:We expect 50-60 families to be in attendance from the Broward County area.What To Expect:Our students...

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